• Jon Mark Hogg

    Jon Mark Hogg

    West Texas Lawyer and former Democratic Candidate for Congress

  • Danny Halverson

    Danny Halverson

    MMA junkie; Chicago Bears/Blackhawks/WhiteSox/ND fanatic; 20+ years in car biz; I love to fish; ESM @DealerSocket

  • Eric Baker

    Eric Baker

    You can't spell America without Eric - Team @JebBush Iowa - @IowaVictory/@DrakeUniversity alum, recovering native Illinoisan

  • Colleen Rose

    Colleen Rose

    dive bars fan.

  • ENERGYbits


    100% spirulina - plant-based bits of food that provide energy endurance for athletics, mental focus, and a convenient healthy snack. #PoweredByBits

  • Chris Shields

    Chris Shields

    Living life one inning at a time #cometogether Followed by 4 out of 5 people who follow things.

  • Mimi Lujano

    Mimi Lujano

  • Jeremie Kilgore

    Jeremie Kilgore

    Just, Imagine, Lots, Of, Impressive, Adjectives

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